Derrick Evans

Software Engineer


Project Archives

I worked on the open source Fast Wireshark project for my Senior Design (CS4791) course.

FAST-Wireshark is an open source Wireshark plugin that can decode FAST (FIX Adapted for STreaming) packets.

I worked in a four person Scrum Development team for a whole semester for my Senior Design class. In addition to working on the plugin, we also learned a lot about Agile Development.

We worked directly with our client, Jacob Northey of Lasalle Tech, who is the one who developed the actual FAST protocol that the FAST-Wireshark plugin is made to support.

During this project and class, I learned a lot about teamwork, agile software development, communicating with our client, as well as some new technical skills.

I also worked on a game tools development project for my second semester of Senior Design (CS4792). We created tools to be used in game development by Nimbus Garden


I learned more about team management this time around, as I was assigned to be the Scrum Master for the whole semester. I also learned a bit about dealing with eccentric clients. This is of course, in addition to the technical knowledge and skills gained in Unity3D, 3D Modeling, and other things.